Becoming an Art Business

Becoming an Art Business

This website represents the next evolution of my art career. At this point in my life I am focusing on making a living as an artist and exploring how that might happen. I'm attached to making objects; the enjoyment of making things with my hands is the greatest pleasure in being an artist and I have a commitment to craftsmanship. Those are not the prevailing values of the mainstream galleries and museums, but they do connect with the maker movement.

I'm done with trying to be a gallery artist, which was what brought me to New York City in the first place. I am lucky enough to be invited to participate in gallery and museum shows from time to time and I jump at the chance, since these are usually themed and get my brain going in new directions. While the exposure and the community is valuable, these opportunities do not lead to sales.

I have been presenting my work at outdoor fine art festivals all up and down the eastern seaboard, from Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. to Westport, Ct. the last two years, looking for my audience. My audience seems to be in the Northeast. I started small, near home on Staten Island, where I tried out different frames, sizes, and prices and listened to customer feedback. Doing the festivals is hard work and I couldn't do it alone. It not only requires two bodies, but it also requires about 10 distinct job skills, only about one of which I learned in art school. I suggest art schools add requirements in marketing and accounting, for instance.

While I plan to continue to do the fine art festivals (the direct contact with customers can't be beat), I will go with the ones where I can develop a solid client base. In addition, I will work at having a wider web sales presence.

That brings me back to this website. I will be adding functionality to enable direct sales through this website soon! Until then, if you absolutely must have something you see here, we can work it out.


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